Procrastinating (by Stellar Kart)

He buscado si, por casualidad, había alguna canción con este nombre y la que he encontrado me ha gustado.

Procrastinating (c) Stellar Kart

"So here I am it's 3a.m.
I don't know where to begin
Time's running out and there's
No doubt that I feel like
throwing in the towel
With no way I can get this
Start finished

I try and try and wonder why
The answers never come
'Cause this is it I'm tired and
sick of always feeling undone

I've tried it all but there is
still something missing

So I'm a day late
At least a buck short
I've got no chance to
Make this on my own
I don't have it made
I'm nowhere near the shade

Will you step in this life
and take control?

Show me the way I know that
Slow and steady wins the race
But slow to me 'cause I can't
see is like a lightning pace
And all I get is nowhere
constantly waiting

Are you still there and do you
care about What I'm feeling now?
I'd like to see what I could be
Without this holding me down
But I'm too scared of taking
This chance and failing

[Chorus /]

I'm always waiting
I feel so useless on my own

You're always waiting just in time
To save me I'm not so useless
I'm not alone

So here I am It's 3a.m.
No better time to begin

[Chorus /]"
Procrastinating (c) Stellar Kart

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